Вебинар — это слово-неологизм.

Вебинар означает особый тип веб-конференций. Связь, как правило, односторонняя — со стороны говорящего, и взаимодействие со слушателями ограничено, например как в вебкастах.

Коуч (англ. Coach) — специалист, тренер, проводящий тренировку.

Коучинг (англ. Coaching) — инструмент личностного и профессионального развития, формирование которого началось в 70-х годах XX века. Истоки коучинга лежат в спортивном тренерстве, позитивной, когнитивной и организационной психологии, в представлениях об осознанной жизни и возможностях постоянного и целенаправленного развития человека.

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Live webinar: How to become a task-organization ninja with Wrike's Dashboard


Manage team. Get your tasks organized. Be productive. All of these from one page – the Dashboard.

During the webinar you’ll learn:

Astonishing facts and figures about the productive organization of your workspace

The secret power of the default widgets

A fast and easy way to create custom widgets that are suitable for your needs

How to implement a certain (Agile or otherwise) PM methodology with Dashboard

… And much more!



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on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 @ 10:00 AM PDT

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About Wrike

Wrike delivers a real-time platform that blends work management and collaboration, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent and efficient for thousands of companies.

When things are moving fast, it’s a challenge to sync your work across different apps that you use on the web. It’s hard to see who’s doing what, which tasks were completed, etc. That’s when we come to rescue. Email, Google Apps, Dropbox, Box – Wrike is the smooth connective tissue between your tasks and these other popular platforms. We could go on and on telling you all of the great things Wrike can do, but we think this customer feedback says it all: «This software operates how I think — it’s as if you went into my brain and knew exactly what I needed, and created the perfect program for today’s information age.»





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